How to make money in photography business?

There is always a concern about how to make money in photography? when you want to become a full-time or a part-time professional photographer.
If you like to take people photos, For the first time It should be free of charge either it can be a wedding of your friends or your relatives. Or a friend’s portfolio, if like to go in fashion photography.

1. Wedding photographer- Approach your friends, relatives or your neighbor who must be having a wedding, charge for free for the first time and if they like, they will recommend others & you will get a portfolio to show to your other paid clients.

2. Fashion photographer- Ask your friends if they want to do a portfolio for free, definitely they will say ‘yes’ people like their best picture on their Facebook or Instagram account and in return tell them to give picture credit of your name.
post it on your Fb page or Instagram or if you have a website.

These two fields are best to start with your photography career and to make money.

Once you get ample of photos to show put it online so that people will start knowing you with your work.
Best platform to showcase your photos:
1. website
2. Social media eg; Facebook, Instagram, 500px, Behance, etc.
3. If you are getting good reviews then send the best picture to the local magazines, they will publish it since they always need content.
4. Exhibitions.

Once you started getting clients, to make sure your business is getting more inquiries
What do you need to do?
1. Check the website which offers you, clients, hiring for 1hr or for 1day work like eg; freelance, Upwork, Canvera, Urban clap, Indiamart, etc.
2. Sending emails to particular clients eg; create some templates which show clear expectations and the service that you offer.
3. Cold calling to the clients.
4. keep posting your best work on a website and in social media platform, people are always hungry for the latest news feeds. It will also affect the search engine and your website will come to the top when someone is searching for a service that you offer.

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