Tips and Tricks for Architecture/Interior photography

1) What to put in the bag while shooting Architecture (Interior/Exterior) or a Real Estate project for particular clients?
a) Camera – Any full frame or medium format camera e.g; Canon 5D III, Hasselblad H5D – 60, etc respectively.
b) Lens – Tilt shift, Wide angle, Ultra Wide angle, Fish-Eye lenses.
c) Tripod – Manfrotto 055xprob with Manfrotto 3-way head
d) Laptop for tethering (Connect Camera with your laptop) to see the best result in a much larger screen.
e) Camera remote.
f) Small continuous strobe lights for making the particular spot or place brighter and look natural.
g) Translucent Scrim for defusing the direct sunlight.
h) Filters – UV, ND & Polarizing filters.

2) How to get the best result in Interior/Exterior photography.
a) Shooting on a natural light that is SUN- the key light will get the best result. Get the unique things in the picture by experimenting different lights in the morning or evening time, when the light is little soft. It’s all depend on the how the place is, how we need the composition & Contrast.
b) Post Processing – Balance the Horizontal & Verticals of the structure/Building. White balance, Clone the distracting elements in the picture.


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